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Hello :)
I'm Kristen
a 20 year old girl who wants nothing more than to be happy and live her life.
my blog consists of my life. weed. inspirations. happy things. music. art. funny shit. and anything else that interests and relates to me.
i'm here for all you guys - my ask box is right down there for anything.
you're all amazing :)

stay ripped <3

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When you release someone who causes you great pain and turmoil, at first you’re sad, because sometimes that person was someone who was close to you. But then you realize that it was the best decision you ever made, and getting rid of toxic relationships, no matter how strong, is the most wonderful and uplifting feeling of life <3

Don’t stay friends with someone who hurts you, it’s not worth the “happiness” they gave.


no but I REALLY just wanna smoke a fat blunt

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